20 untold secretly signs if she wants you

 20 Untold Signs A Girl Secretly Likes You

In fact, it is said that love has world power and is the most amazing feeling. Love arises once we like someone. There are some pretty obvious signs of this choice, it is very easy to understand who likes us.
Every the woman is different and her life experiences and culture will play a huge role in the signals she sends.
When you can start lecturing a woman next time, I am going to list 20 signs of she secretly wants you, so that you don't get stuck in the position you are in.
let's Start.

20 Sign A girl Secretly Likes you.

  1.  She is always available to you doesn't matter if you bought a huge task to finish OR a project deadline tomorrow or maybe you want some advice, she is usually there for you.
  2.  She shares everything with you. Girls usually don't share much about their personal affairs, but if she shares everything with you, it's a clear indication that she likes you.
  3. She laughs even at your silly joke. Yes, if she finds your joke boring too funny, then it's a clear indication that she likes you.
  4. Sometimes she plays with her hair when she lectures you. If she plays with her hair, it means that she unconsciously likes you.
  5. She gets jealous easily once you talk to or entertain other girls. Look at that point if she is not happy and jealous in that case, then understand that she does not want to lose you.
  6. This one is not so obvious, she fights with you a lot. And yet it never really leaves you. She is always making mean and nasty jokes on you, especially to your face. There is always a battle of wits between the two of you. You do this because you are in denial and you need to do everything you can to cover up your true feelings.
  7.   She is usually the first to respond to everything you say, to everything you are doing. She places a lot more importance on you than anyone else and can usually offer you company whenever you want.
  8. Overemphasize what you think of her. Others may misjudge her and she or he wouldn't give a damn, but she cares a lot about what you think of her. She cares about your opinion of her and he or she wants you to think as simply as possible about her and it is quite obvious from the way she constantly tries to vary your opinion.
  9. Try to find ways to spend time alone with you, even when you're in a group. get to she is going to drag you for a long walk with the excuse of going to the ATM when her wallet is really loaded with cash. And it is only you who chooses when you accompany her!
  10. She looks at you differently than other girls look at you. Even when you lecture someone else, their eyes are everywhere. you will almost see the attraction that dominates each movement. She is clearly attracted. and it clear sign she likes you.
  11. She accidentally brushes her arm against yours or brushes her hand against your body
  12. She is always the first to wish you on your birthday. She will start spamming your Facebook wall an hour early and call you 5 minutes before 12 and ask for an honest ten minutes just to make sure no one else wanted you before her.
  13. if you try to find out if you have a girlfriend or not. this will be direct like her saying "do you have a girl?" or indirect like "this is how you ask your girlfriend" or something like that. the purpose is that she is trying to understand the state of their relationship.
  14. Find ways or excuses to touch yourself
  15. She will consistently discover reasons to contact you or feel your body. She needs to draw nearer to you. furthermore, the person sees and responds once you contact it. If she likes you, she will definitely blush or smile and see once you touch her. She could meet you or maybe. If she doesn't like you, she will probably pull away once you touch her.
  16. A shy girl who makes eye contact for several seconds or avoids eye contact all at once: This sounds basic, but women who are shy sometimes hold your gaze longer than they intended, even when they're not chatting with you. Other times, they will completely ignore your presence or look on purpose in an attempt not to seem interested or to feel embarrassed.
  17. Complain about her life.some women are just complainers, except those who are not, if she involves you posing to hear her problems or fears, you are probably someone she trusts or loves deeply. let into your life.
  18. Observe the reaction of her friends once you surround her. once they tease her for your name once you are around and he or she blushes, then understand that she already told her friends.
  19. She is never exhausted of addressing you. She generally attempts to prop the discussion up, regardless of how. However long you think the discussion is finished, she will consistently have a swap question for you.
  20. His legs. If her legs are crossed, therefore the top leg is in your direction, she probably likes you. If your legs aren't crossed, you're probably indifferent. If her leg is facing the other direction you are, she doesn't like you.
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