Can you control your happiness than You think? Survey said

Can you control your happiness than You think?

It has been told in the survey that how you can control your happiness,

 let's see

If we ask someone what they have the foremost in life, they go to mention with joy. this can be often the sole answer and thus the best search found in one and all. People are increasingly aware that materialistic achievements aren't really the highest goal in which happiness can rely on many factors, including their own condition and understanding.

A recent survey has taken the thought further and revealed that folk may have more control over their happiness than they realize. Powered by Tracking Happiness, an online platform, the survey asked 1,155 respondents two specific questions: Is happiness something you'll control? If you try the last year of your life, how would you measure your happiness on a scale of 1 to 10?
It was found that 89 percent of people think that happiness is often controlled, and 32 percent are happy who don't think that happiness is often controlled. And while people who control happiness have a mean happiness index of seven .39, people who perceive happiness as out of their control have a mean happiness index of 5.61.

"In reality, as we know it where prosperity is low, this is regularly proof that your own satisfaction could even be more controllable than you're believing that that. It indicates the actual fact that happier people have learned and implemented strategies that give them a much better chance of getting a much better life. big day. In short, these strategies provoke happy people against everything the world throws at them, "said Andy Cope, professor, writer, and happiness expert at Artie of Brilliant. The survey was cited.

The survey also found that gender doesn't affect control over happiness, and both men and ladies showed identical results. Also, what proportion you control your happiness changes as you age. "The amount of control over our happiness decreases and increases in our time of life," the survey said.
To break it down, 91 percent of people within the 16-30 cohort think happiness is controllable, 85 percent within the 31-45 age group, 86 percent within the 45-60 age group, and 89 percent within the cohort over 60.

Happiness also depends on education, and highschool graduates often have a harder time controlling enjoyment, compared to undergraduate or graduate graduates.
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