[BEST WAY] How To Motivate Yourself To Study in College

How To Motivate Yourself To Study in College

why I can’t be focused on the study?

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Now, this question resonates as to why students can focus on their studies and why they need outside help to address issues related to academic performance.

1. Insufficient Nutrients:

If they do not have the proper nutrients to eat, how will a student's mind and bodywork? For proper functioning of one's body and brain, one has to consume proper nutrients through a balanced diet. Good food gives inner strength and motivation to study.

2. Inadequate practice:

When you find it difficult to concentrate during lectures, it is difficult to score good marks. You need enough practice to pass your exams with a good score. If students find anything boring or don't focus, take a break, and enjoy some moments of life.

3. Inconsistent learning methods:

Scholars need to have a proper learning style to meet their learning goals, the mismatched learning style restricts you to focus on your studies. Select the most appropriate teaching style to focus on the study and understand the topics clearly.

4. Laziness:

Laziness is a very obvious reason for not having a proper interest in your studies. Things delayed for tomorrow or other days make you lazy and will result in incomplete or poor work. For desired results, exclude the word "lazy" from your dictionary

5. Improper Sleep:

To get the proper energy, everyone needs to complete their sleeping hours. If students do not complete 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night, they may not get enough energy to focus on their studies.

6. No motivation to study:

Whether you choose the education section or day-to-day activities, you need the motivation to focus on your work and stay focused. Without motivation, it becomes difficult to pass even a single exam. So it is very necessary to know how to motivate yourself to study in college.

7. Disorganized way of living:

The way students keep their notebooks and organize their study areas affects the way they learn. If you have a wrong study area, you will have problems with the things you need in time, which can result in disturbances. Manage your study room well so that any other distractions can be avoided.

8. Inadequate study material:

When you do not have enough material to read your papers, then you will be interested in studies. The peers need proper and complete study material for better exam preparation. Always keep all necessary things within your reach to avoid any distraction and waste of time.

9. Circumstantial stress:

Nobody knows what tomorrow brings for them. We need to face many challenges and obstacles in our lives. Any stress impedes your studies and distracts you from your goals. Try not to go deep into any situation if it is not related to your studies and exam preparation. Seek advice from your parents and well-wishers to deal with any emotional chapter of your life.it makes you a stress-free and gives you motivation for study.

10.External Interruption:

No distraction will allow you to focus on your studies. Being busy today is the biggest distraction for all students who cannot get high marks in their exams. It is good to be involved with external work, but it does not hamper your studies and exam preparation.


Some children are unable to focus on studies because they consider their studies to be a feast. They think that this is being imposed on them. First of all, they should change this mindset because if they study with this mindset, they will fall foul. And they will also have trouble focusing in studies, children should keep this mindset while studying, that what they will study till today will improve their future, the study should be taken as a task so that they can read with full passion and focus. You will find that for study focus, it is important that we are aware of what we are studying, that we understand that which will make it easier for us to read that topic and we will be able to focus in the below. Always keep some things in mind while reading so that you can focus on your studies well and keep yourself motivated to study.

1. Consider studying as a challenge :

Always keep such attitude while studying that this subject-wise chapter is a target for you, which you have to complete, do not bring this to mind at all that the study is being imposed on you but yourself  Explain here that this is the ladder to your success in life, with the help of which you can reach the heights of success in life,

2. keep taking short breaks in between studies:

 Sometimes our mind gets tired so that we can be focused on reading. There is a problem, so after reading for 1 or 2 hours, keep taking a short break of 10:15 minutes in between which will also keep your mind fresh and you will be able to focus on studying well.

3. Understand every topic first:

We are not able to focus on studying well even if we do not already know about the subject we are studying or do not understand it. If you come, understand it with the help of someone, then he has to do it so that you do not have any problem in understanding that subject and you can do well in it. Be able to concentrate

4.Select a quiet place to read:

 If you are sitting to read any subject, always sit in a quiet environment so that you do not have to disturb it and you can focus on that subject, so that you sit in a separate room. Or you can go to the roof of the house and study here, in a place where the atmosphere is calm.

5. Always take the initiative to study in the morning to focus on studies:

 when we study, many more things revolve in our minds. Some happen to us during that day, so we are not able to focus on studying well, but morning is a time when our mind feels very calm and fresh if you also feel your difficult subjects. Even if you do, you will be able to focus, so morning is the best time to focus on studies and we are also motivated to study from that time.

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Then it is said that morning is the best time to study if you find any subject difficult Seems or you get bored quickly by reading it and if you are not able to focus in it well then you can get up and read that topic because at that time all the thoughts of the mind are calm and our mind becomes more active, which makes us difficult subject We start remembering very comfortably  
                         Even in the morning, we do not have much time so that we can cover our entire syllabus, so we do not find the subject difficult or which we remember once we read it at night. We can spend one or two hours on a topic that we find interesting in reading because by doing this our study target will also be fulfilled and we will not have any problem of sleep at night. If you choose a difficult topic, then you do not read it properly due to one more sleep and the other and being composed in that subject. Therefore, we should always choose the time of reading according to our nature towards subjects.
                        If we talk about how many hours we should give to study throughout the day or how much time we should study, then we should know that every person's Capacity varies about everything and it also depends on how long we can keep ourselves motivated for studies, but still normal we should leave 3 to 4 hours a day for studies. Here it does not mean that he should give 3 to 4 hours of continuous study, after 1 hour, do some activity for 20 minutes so that you can apply push-ups in the activity so that you can get the body and mind refreshed by reading continuously. The slowness that arises naturally will go away or eat a mantra or you can also watch a funny video, all this will help you in fulfilling your time fixed for your studies.


There can be many reasons why I cannot focus on studies even the best way to study, which does not allow us to progress in studies and we leave our study behind to enjoy some other things in the study. This is also one of the reasons for not being able to focus, such as.

1. Distraction such as TV, mobile :

If we are studying, if we are in front of a social networking site or someone is watching TV, then we can not automatically stop our The mind deviates from the study and we pay attention to where that distraction is coming from because we are not so motivated for our study that we can stop ourselves, because of this we cannot concentrate in the study properly. 

2. Due to not choosing the right place and time:

If our study timing and selection of place are not right, then we will not be able to work well for our study nor will we be focused on it. if there is a place to do it, which should be quite, it will be cool when our mind moves faster and feels fresher it is morning time.
3. Maybe there is more problem than a solution in the study:
 When we start focusing on a lot of problems while studying, then we do not feel like it and our focus also cannot be formed properly, so if we are in solution more than problem Note or say that in the possibility that we can solve that problem, then our focus will increase because we will be able to compile that chapter well.

4. lack of motivation for the study:

 If we are motivated for some work from inside If not, then that work will be a feast for us, so how to get motivated yourself for studies, it is a most important topic for this, you should keep in mind the hard work done by your parents while studying so that you will get motivation for study from outside. You can listen to the audio or video of a large motivational speaker. Lack of motivation is a big reason for not being focused on the study, so always try to make the study simple and stair to your success.


1. Well is that you will be able to do your study well by concentrating below. While opening the book, tell your mind that what you are going to read is very simple and simple which You can easily read and remember

2 In the middle of the study, take a short rest in the middle, in which you do favorite activity or exercise so that your body sitting in one place will open 3.while reading while sitting in a calm place, which will keep you away from destruction and So that your concentration will not be broken and you will be able to keep yourself motivated for the study 

4.Instead of continuously studying making a timetable and study according to those timetables with short rest.

5. If you want to remember while studying, then read the letters by speaking so that your mind is somewhere Do not go and listen to what you are reading so that you can understand it.

6. while reading, make a story or scene in the content of that subject.

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