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Most Affected Brain healthy Food

What is Human Brain and How its Work?

The brain is an organ in our body that contributes significantly to the running of all our bodies. All the organs of our body get signals to move or work. Neurons are located in our brain so that we need to know about brain food that fills our brain cells and neurons are full of energy. The brain is an important part of our body which consumes 20% energy of our body. fewer people realized that the food they eat has a direct effect on their ability to think and commit item to memory some important brain foods that are necessary to keep a healthy mind are shown in the below.

Top 15 Brain Healthy food

1. Fish:

 Fish is considered to be brain food, which is a helpful food to keep the brain healthy. Salman and the gallery are two species of fishes that contain omega-3 which is very good for the brain. It protects the brain from stress. Helpful for peace of mind omega-3 is a portion of good food that maintains the health of the brain

2. Nuts:

 Nuts give the most benefit in the help of our brain, in the nuts their almonds and walnuts that help to increase the memory power of the brain/, so it is beneficial for every class of people, but children should consume it especially. (Because it helps the brain to make more information and remember or it helps in repairing the brain's cells). 
             (In almonds there are zinc and vitamin B6 especially prevents the free radicals in the brain cells and help improve the functions of the brain).

3. Broccoli:

Broccoli is also a brain Food or a treasure of vitamin A and vitamin C. It is found in plenty of iron; fiber; protein; calcium in broccoli. eating broccoli helps improve the function of our nervous system. (It contains potassium which improves the functioning of the brain. Increases and enhances the capacity of our brain Broccoli Also Contain Vitamin C & flavonoids this Antioxidant further improve Brain Health Vitamin A is found in it which is beneficial for good memory), hence Broccoli is also a portion of brain food.

4. Pumpkin seeds: 

It contains the highest amount of zinc and magnesium, which is very beneficial for brain health.
(It contains a mineral named Triptofan which is later converted into Metaline which is a type of sleeping hormone which is caused by brain stress. Neem has a problem, because of these seeds, he can produce Metaline in the brain and his sleep problems are overcome. So it will be easy for the brain to repair broken cells), so not only for the brain but also for good and healthy food for the body.

 5. Coconut: 

In coconut oil, there are fats with cooking oil which we also call saturated fats, (as well as coconut is a brain Food with that we can boost our brainpower. According to a clinical study, there is a high concentration of medium-chain in coconut oil. Some later go into the body and turn into which ketones, which provide a kind of fuel to our brain cells which will increase the growth of brain cells).

6. Green Tea: 

The amount of caffeine present in green tea improves our brain function. caffeine is a substance that enhances our alertness and focus, which are very important things to do because of this we have good performance in any work. Comes.

7. Egg:

The egg is considered to be a good source of protein. It is also good for brainpower.in its yolk there is a good amount of choline and vitamin B. When we eat eggs, our brain uses its choline to make the acetylcholine present in it. Which is useful for neurotransmitters located in the brain as they maintain our memory of neurotransmitters.

8. Dark Chocolate:

Some brain-boosting components are found in dark chocolate. in it caffeine and flavonoids are essential for brain health. flavonoids are a Group of anti-oxidant plant compounds. The flavonoids in chocolate gather in the area of the brain that deals with learning and memory.

9. Turmeric: 

Regular intake of turmeric enhances memory and improves mood. It makes the brain feel fresh. A study has found that the curcumin name compound is present in turmeric which reduces the bad protein found in our brain. Due to which our memory power increases, for those who have the problem of forgetting, this is brain-healthy food.

10. Cauliflower:

cauliflower contains Vitamin C Vitamin k and Vitamin B6. which improve our immune power cauliflower contains choline and phosphorus which are both effective in repairing cell membranes for the good functioning of the brain and nerve signals transmission it is very necessary.  so there is good and healthy food for the whole body along with the brain.

11. Kabuli chana: 

Protein is found in plenty in Kabuli chana and along with it contains (28%) phosphorus and iron which helps in building the blood cells along with the whole body, and stay maintains the brain health.through its fiber Our digestive system tries, which keeps the decoration good and provides nutrients to eat all the parts of the body.

12.Olive Oil: 

According to Survey Older person who enhances their meditation Diet with Olive Oil chowed better functioning of mind and memory. If we also include Olive Oil in our Daily Diet then we will find that our brain is getting boosted and we should first Have started giving good results. its Fatty acids are very beneficial for the brain, which always maintains the brain as a young situation.

13. Red Meat: 

Red Meat is Provide vitamin B and B12 and along with zinc-iron fatty acids and omega 3, which improves brain functioning because omega-3 is a very essential element for our brain. magnesium found in red meat is very beneficial for the brain and nervous system}, it is brain food that we involved in our diet.

14. Poppy Seeds: 

These fatty acids are considered to be good sources for zinc and protein. it contains potassium that helps to protect our brain from many diseases. It balances the blood cells, that protect danger causing a brain heart attack, and brain stroke. The danger can be reduced so it is a brain food that we should regularly include in our diet.

15. Coffee: 

Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants that affect the positive on our brain. boost our brain function. You may have noticed that those who use coffee regularly in the morning, if they do not do it any day, then do their work not able to return correctly this is proof that coffee enhances our brain function and makes us focused, so it is also a brain food There is food that we should take regularly.

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         There are no two opinions about the above-mentioned foods that are prescribed for the brain to increase brain power and keep it healthy and work very well, but we all need to understand that human brain human beings have The most powerful two is what we think or gives the result to us, this means that we should always think positive so that the power of the brain will always increase and sister Keep Health and had to increase its capacity diet will work twice as fast some moderate exercise and meditation to focus the brain with he brains with it is also very important.

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